What We Do


  • Examine property for broken windows, forced entry or vandalism
  • Look at screens and lanai enclosures for tears or damage
  • Remove newspapers, flyers, packages, and check mailbox
  • Put away trash cans from the curb after you have departed
  • Visual check lawn and landscaping services are performed 
  • Visual exterior check including roof, screens, windows, AC units, fence
  • Examine property to ensure all access points are secure
  • Check pool, water level, and water condition
  • Check lanai, screening, and cage structure


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​​​​​​​GPS Reporting Service​

Precise Home Watch, LLC uses a state of the art program for reporting. This program has a built-in GPS system which only allows us to obtain access to our reporting software when we are at the home. The system locates our client’s home via the address on Google Maps and prints out a QRID, which is then placed in our client’s home.

Placing the printed QRID inside the home ensures that someone was actually

at the home at the time of the visit since the reporting checklist can

home watch services checklist can only be scanned and opened at the home.

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  • Check all windows and doors for damage and ensure they are locked
  • Visual check for signs of water damage, mold and mildew
  • Cycle the water, brush and flush toilets, run water in sinks, tubs and showers
  • Short cycle dishwasher and washer​
  • Check for signs of insects, pests, and rodents
  • Check closets, pantry, and storage cabinets
  • Change air filters
  • Verify AC and humidistat settings
  • Check refrigerator, freezers, and wine coolers for proper temperature and operation
  • Reset clocks after power outage
  • Check circuit breaker panels
  • Check garage and make sure door to garage is locked